BOTH THE ENDOCRINE AND NERVOUS SYSTEMS ARE MAJOR REGULATING SYSTEMS OF THE BODY; HOWEVER, THE NERVOUS SYSTEM HAS BEEN . Functional Organization of the Endocrine System. Labeling Exercises. Endocrine Glands · Regulation of Hormone Secretion · Hormone Concentration1 Objectives; 2 The Endocrine System; 3 Endocrine Glands And Hormones; 4 The Pituitary. Anatomy and physiology of animals Main endocrine organs of the body.jpg. .. A drag and drop hormone and endocrine organ matching exercise.The endocrine system affects bodily activities by releasing chemical messages, called hormones, into the. (2000) Essentials of Exercise Physiology. 2nd ed.The Human Endocrine System – Explore the anatomy of endocrine glands and their importance throughout the human body using our diagrams and .
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