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Find great deals on eBay for Kermit The Frog Puppet in Muppets, Sesame Street Toys. Shop with confidence.Get to know Kermit the Frog from The Muppets. Read the official ABC bio, show quotes and learn about the role at ABC TV.Baby Kermit / Kermit / Kermit The Frog / Kermit the Frog as Bob Cratchit / Kermit the Frog as the Scarecrow / Kermit the Frog from The Muppets / Kermit the Pig . Kermit the Frog. In addition to being the world's most famous amphibian and film star, Kermit is Executive Producer of Up Late with Miss Piggy. Kermit the Frog is a Muppet character and Jim Henson's most well-known creation. Introduced in 1955, Kermit is the straight man protagonist of numerous . Since the premiere episode in 1969, Kermit the Frog has made significant appearances on Sesame. The different names and voices of Kermit the Frog across the globe. In most countries, multiple. Mar 12, 2010 . The Muppet Show, Season One, Episode 12 with guest star Peter Ustinov. Musical number: Kermit wanders through a forest and sings "Bein' . Aug 20, 2014 . Kermit the Frog participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Subscribe for all new videos from The Muppets!.

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