Nov 11, 2014 . According to Playstation 5 on Facebook- “We have got 200 pieces of Play Station 4 that can't be sold because they have been unsealed.Nov 11, 2013 . Facebook Page claims it is giving away '200 pieces of Play Station 4' because they have been unsealed and therefore cannot be sold.Nov 11, 2013 . In case you'd like to have a PlayStation 4 console, you should be on the lookout for Facebook scams that promise such devices. Hoax Slayer . Nov 19, 2014 . to be giving away unsealed PlayStation 4's because they have been. We have got 200 pieces of Play Station 4 that can't be sold because they have been unsealed.. Read our article on Facebook giveaway scams here.Jan 13, 2012 . And all you have to do is give up all your personal information for that. Why on earth would Apple team up with Facebook to give away, as a . Jan 28, 2015 . The easiest scam to fall for on Facebook is a free giveaway. You'll see. You might also see scams for iPads, or the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.Apple Ipad Iphone Mac book giveaway SCAM Warning. 1369 likes · 34 talking about this. Sorry for the buzzkill.Watch Out For 'Luxury RV' Giveaway Scams on Facebook in his scams and at least one of the pages has switched names from Playstation to Dodge Charger.Nov 18, 2013 . Sony's PlayStation 4 launched last week, Microsoft's Xbox One will. If you see a PS4 or Xbox One giveaway on Facebook, assume it is a scam . Dec 23, 2016 . Forbes has picked up the Snopes story and done a damning piece on the revelations that have recently come to light. P.S. You can subscribe to her Youtube Channel for breaking news, free blenders, giveaways and more.
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