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Six Parts:Preparing to Write the Proof of Residence LetterHeading the. Make an appointment with. Use our sample 'Affidavit of Residence Template.. Notary Public Signature. Write a Letter. How to Write a Letter Showing Proof of Residence for a Tenant. Whether your tenants are moving out. FORM LETTER FOR PROOF OF RESIDENCY NOTARIZED LEASE AGREEMENT Date RE Notarized Lease Agreement . You will need proof of your residence when you move from one state to another or even if you move a. Some easy to follow proof of residency letter notarized samples are prepared and with a single clic. Generally, a notarized letter of residence is written as proof of residence when one moves from one. NOTARIZED LETTER NEEDED FOR PROOF OF RESIDENCY (1-C). CURRENT RESIDENCY INFORMATION: .


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