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Angiokeratomas are small dark red to purple raised spots.. Also found on the shaft of the penis, labia majora of the vulva, inner thigh and lower abdomen; Most  . Do you have bumps on your vagina.. When a woman discovers bumps on her vagina it can cause anxiety.. The bumps are red, purple, blue, or black.Dec 21, 2010 . This all felt a little too familiar: My first gynecological surgery was at age 12, after I discovered a dark spot on one of my labia that turned out to . Nov 7, 2013 . Dark marks in the vagina may be down to thinning fatty tissue as a woman gets older. … Is this spot on my vagina anything to worry about?There is a purple/black bump on my vagina . I always examine my vagina to make sure nothing looks weird looking everyday and today i went . Dark purple spot on labia. Premium Questions. What causes dark or black spots on labia? What does it mean when dark or black spots appear on the labia?Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Vallury on dark purple spots on vulva and labia: There is no way to be sure without an exam. It could be anything from . May 27, 2015 . I haven't worn any dark clothing that would dye my skin. frequently changes the vulva from a pale pink to a red, although not necessarily purple.. In general, bumps, redness, rashes, itching, lumps, and lesions on the vulva, . These are small white or yellow lumps, 1-3mm in diameter on the labia minora.. They are bright red initially but can become darker, almost black.. They can give the vulva a purple look, and may cause vulval aching, especially at the end of .


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