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Passover celebrates the biblical exodus from Egypt, but its focus on freedom in general has earned it a special place on the Jewish calendar. More Jew. Take this quiz on the story of Exodus and the holiday of Passover. Use your Bible to help!Nov 15, 2010 . How much do you know about Passover? Try this quiz to find out:How much do you know about Passover? Take this quiz to find out, and share the results with your friends!Passover Quiz. Test your Seder savvy. by Amanda Kudler. Read about Passover. Question 1: Why is there a Seder on Passover? To retell and remember the . First, a few brief words from our fine sponsors "Our sponsors PAY so you can PLAY!" And now, on with the show. Passover Quiz. What do you know about the  . A PASSOVER QUIZ 1. Which traditional food is on the Seder plate: a. egg roll b. matzah balls c. haroset 2. What is part of the Passover preparations? a. turning . Mar 20, 2013 . Questions: 1. Which Haggadah has been used for President Barack Obama's annual White House seder? 2. Disagreement among rabbis over . Jun 28, 2001 . Self grading Passover Bible Quiz.. When was the first Passover? 620 B.C 33 A.D. When the TEENren of Israel entered the promised landTake the Quiz: Passover for TEENs. Passover is an important Jewish holiday, with a special place for TEENs. Try this quiz and learn something about it!


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