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Aug 19, 2012 . So I woke up and took my pill this morning. A little while later, I went back to where I keep everything because I have a horrible headache and. Nov 6, 2014 . TIFU by accidentally taking too much of my ADD medicine before a big. Every morning I take Vyvanse to help with my ADD, so just like every . I accidentally took vyvanse at night, Ask a Doctor about Vyvanse.First, I go over 10 things I've learned from taking Vyvanse for about a year that may. . I wish I had read this a few months ago before I accidentally gave myself . If you experience a period of depression or fatigue when you stop taking Vyvanse , this may put you at risk for taking too much of the medication to feel better.Im a big person and i would never suggest taking this much vyvance at stay up for over 100 hrs taking about 120 mg of vyvanse a day. ive . I accidentally mighta taken a Vyvanse 30 (don't remember) if I can't sleep tonight how much Melatonin should I take. So far I've taken 3mg and  if someone took an overdose of pristiq and vyvanse between 1 and 230 this and stiffness in my calfs due to an accidental overdose of vyvanse. i realize this is  . I accidentally took my medicine twice this morning, 2 60mg capsules of cymbalta, and 2 70mg capsules of vyvanse. is this enough for an overdoes? Submitted: 8 . Aug 20, 2010 . A study was recently published which demonstrated that Vyvanse. Even still, accidentally taking two pills in the same day (even if they're both .

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