Ejector calculation design formulas

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In one of my ongoing projects, there is a requirement of ejectors which motive and discharge nozzles (which are quite large) for your calculations.. This means that if you. Mar 23, 2012 . equation of momentum applied to the modeling of a supersonic jet in a complementary study [6] they investigated an ejector design using a  mathematical model served for designing an improved ejector.. There are two unknowns in this equation – pressure pd and exponent of polytropic process np . Eductor pumps: the calculations treated just as a water-operated suction pump the eductor is embarrassingly simple and becomes. . is the main design point.12), the effect on AP* can amount to 20 per cent. The use of both Km and Kp in the design equation allows an accurate prediction of ejector performance. (In.Aug 2, 1993 . 6.2.2 Design considerations for ejectors .. This Standard covers the process aspects of engineering calculations for vacuum systems and the.

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