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15 people are voting onThe Most Infamous Crime Scene Photos Of All Time11 people are voting onActor. Also, review other crime scene reports and pictures at the Shelby County, Tennessee Register of Dee. Aug 26, 2010 . Sharon Tate Crime Scene (celebrity-autopsy.com). Sharon Tate, an American actress. May 11, 2016 . From Michael Jackson to Natalie Wood, get details and see photos from the most inf. You'll be shocked at how many major stars have been displayed in open caskets. And it may seem. May 3, 2016 . When death meets celebrity, you can expect a huge draw. Think back to any famous or. Celebrity Morgue Pics. Uploaded 05/11/2008. I think Kennedy's is the most gruesome ones. Share;. Elizabeth Short Short's 1947 murder in Los Angeles, CA has never been solved. Crime Scene ·.


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