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Nov 8, 2012 . As a newbie I'd take 3 - 4 mgs and see how that is. Ideally I'd smoke some weed with it, the xanax buzz by itself isn't mind-blowing, but its nice.Jun 19, 2011 . I was just gifted 5 Alprazolam pills. I did Pill ID and found them to be .25mg strength. I have never taken Alprazolam before what dose do you. Hello. I'm new to curezone, so please forgive me if I don't go about this completely right. I have read through many of the anxiety and panic threads in this forum . Mainly, I'm looking for some relief from the withdrawal symptoms associated with coming off Xanax (still a work in progress) but if Lyrica works . Newbie. .Gerd & very depressed. My whole life is in shambles.: Hi everyone:. Dr gave me Trazadone to add with my Xanax (anxiety/panic since 1996) but I . Mar 31, 2015 . Re: Vendor007 - Buy Xanax Online $1.00 a Bar. Post by Knixie » Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:01 am. Interested. Newbie. Not sure what to do. . I was diagonsed with Panic attack disorder, GAD, And depression, I was put on - Paxil - 20 MG / Xanax 1 MG | Daily. … Newbie; 0; 6 posts.My friend/dealer sold me some Xanax. I really liked how it relaxed me and at the time I was a cocaine fiend because I had lots of money (long . Mar 14, 2016 . Indonesian defacer newbie - posted by matthew garth and xanax alprazolam al- pray-zoe-lam drug called benzodiazepines. He delivered 30 . Dec 20, 2004 . but am still on the Xanax, for the anxiety.. I was considering going on the Extended-Release Xanax that's out now.. .. Xanax newbie here.

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