Esl lesson plans for possessive adjectives

In this possessive adjectives lesson for the animated ESL / ELL movie "My Mom's Pictures". Aug 11, 2014 . As you progress with your beginner ESL students, we recommend introducing possessi. In this lesson, students learn the possessive adjectives my, your, his, her its, our, your, and the. In this lesson, students are introduced to possessive adjectives and how they might be used within. Lesson 14: Family and Possessive Adjectives Lesson Plan 14- Family and Possessive Adjectives. ES. Possessive Adjectives, Pronouns and Nouns - ESL EFL Activities, Games and Worksheets . To get a point, they must generate a grammatically correct sentence using either possessive pronoun. ONE-MINUTE LESSON. For an animal or a thing, we use the possessive adjective its. A giraffe gets it.


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