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Postcard from Kashmir and Other. Poems*. Agha Shahid Ali. Kashmir shrinks into my mailbox, my home a neat four by six inches. I always loved neatness.Jul 13, 2014 . Agha Shahid Ali (1949-2001) was a poet, translator and academic from Kashmir. He is credited with single-handedly introducing the classical . Title: Postcard from Kashmir [poem]; Creator: Agha, Shahid Ali, 1949-2001 ( Author); Subject: letters--families--photographs--memories--homesickness--exile,  . Nov 6, 2014 . Theme of loss and longing in poems-Postcard from Kashmir, by Agha Shahid Ali and “Elena” by Pat Mora.Sarkar 1 Introduction Postcard from Kashmir is a poem by famous Indian- American writer Agha Shahid Ali, a part of his collection of poems called The Half Inch . In Agha Shahid Alis Postcard from Kashmir, the speaker is denationalized and of another of Alis poems in Reversing the Sentence of Impossible Nostalgia.

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