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Feb 10, 2017 . It's currently going under the name Project Scorpio (although that's likely to change) and here's everything you need to know about it.Jan 27, 2017 . Project Scorpio, Microsoft's upcoming 4K and VR capable console, has no. Spencer doesn't name any specific headsets as being partners.Project Scorpio: The most powerful console ever built.Jan 26, 2017 . Xbox Project Scorpio: Everything you need to know about Microsoft's. Adrian Peterson names three teams he wants to play for next season.5 days ago . Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio will arrive in 2017, and the company has finally revealed when it will shine a light on the machine. A briefing . Jun 29, 2016 . Ready to buy a new Xbox One? Here's hoping you are, because "Project Scorpio " is set to launch in 2017.I was surprised Sony called their new system "pro." I actually thought they would stick with neo. Well, what do you think microsoft will call Project . Jun 14, 2016 . Project Scorpio has been confirmed by Phil Spencer. We believe it is. The nameProject Scorpio,” while cool, is a code name. It's never going . Jun 20, 2016 . Codenamed "Project Scorpio", it is being billed as the most powerful console ever created. Here's everything we know so far. Photo: Fox . Jun 13, 2016 . Today at E3 in Los Angeles Microsoft officially revealed the long-rumored Project Scorpio, an enhanced version of the Xbox One that's capable .

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