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If you aren't able to personally accomplish a task, you may grant someone else – called your agent – the power to do it for you. This permission can include . Acceptable reasons to use a specific Power of Attorney could be military o A Service Member Power of Attorney may be used for loan application and loan . Dec 18, 2015 . A Power of Attorney (POA) may be used only if the lender verifies and documents that all of the following requirements have been satisfied:The name(s) on the power of attorney must match the name(s) of the person on the affected loan document, and the power of attorney must be dated such that it  . Dec 15, 2011 . Here, we'll cover the basics of power of attorney, what it is, how it works and how it could benefit you.We were wondering if I could get power of attorney to sign for him?. . out exactly what the lenders requirements are for having an attorney-in-fact sign loan docs.Oct 18, 2011 . What can someone with a power of attorney do for the FHA borrower at. Addendum to the Uniform Residential Loan Application, and the final . If you are granted power of attorney, you may be able to sign loan agreements on behalf of the person who granted you that power. However, whether you have . Like most legal undertakings, setting up and enforcing Power Of Attorney (POA) documents can be a confusing process. Yet, these essential tools can help . Nov 30, 2014 . I have the Durable Power of Attorney for my parents who are age 83 and 73.. Mortgage loan application may not be executed by power is prior to the date of the POA or the original physician can no longer be contacted (as .


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